When our son Jeremy was born in 2001, we felt very alone. We had never heard of Hydrocephalus before, and suddenly, this was something that we, and Jeremy would have to deal with for the rest of his life. We searched the internet, and purchased books to gather the most information and get the most knowledge on this incurable, but treatable condition.

We decided, after we were out of the woods, to start a local support group for families who have to deal with Hydrocephalus and other neurological conditions. We had our first picnic in April 2004; and have had picnics two or three times a year at our house to get together and we also hold an annual event in Largo Central Park to raise funds. We just have one goal, and that is for no person to have to go through what we did and feel like they are alone. Jeremy is now fifteen years old and he is doing awesome! We have been very lucky as he has only had to endure three brain surgeries for his shunt. Jeremy does also have mild hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy and in 2010 started having seizures that resulted in a diagnosis of Epilepsy. Jeremy is now in 10th grade.